Wow what an awesome ​first two weeks training in Thailand.

This Thailand training adventure has been an invaluable experience so far,  I am pushing my body to the limits and learning new training ideas every day to implement back at home.

​Over the past week I have completed:

    • 12 x ​training sessions​
    • A minimum of 15 minutes of mobility circuits every day
    • ​3​ x gymnastics / isometric strength / core​ based sessions
    • 6 massages
    • 4 ice baths and sauna recovery sessions

I am enjoying the training and my body is feeling pretty good considering the amount of volume​ – I have found it very important to not just focus on the high intensity sessions alone.  The mobility, recovery and isometric work  allows my body to recover adequately and also gain strength in areas that are not being directly targeted in the higher intensity sessions.

I have put together the top 5 things that have really stood out to me from my first two weeks of training here in Thailand.​

  1. The mind gives in long before the body

Over the past few weeks I have worked my ass off in the gym and in the strength and conditioning classes.  

There have been MANY moments that I have thought to myself  ‘I can’t do that’, or ‘I’ll just take it easy today’.  I have realised that this is the mind talking and not the body.  The body is only just getting started when the mind is ​ready to ​cave in​.  Next time your mind is challenged remember that your body has a lot more left in the tank!!

Temptation to quit

2. We have become an inactive species

An average day at home for a lot of people involves driving to work, sitting at a desk for 8-12 hours, driving to the gym, walking on a treadmill and maybe lifting a few weights for 30-60 minutes, driving home and sitting down again in front of the TV to a nice hearty meal.

Do you really think that we are optimising the body that we were given?

We were not programmed to behave in this manner and it is counterproductive for us.  The less active we are the shorter our lifespan is becoming.  My Challenge to you: Get off your but​t and get moving more every day!!!

  1. Sleep is one the best recovery tools going around

Training hard and frequently is only one part of the equation.  Rest and recovery are also super important to be able to back it up day after day, week after week.  

I have been having 8+ hours of sleep per day and my body is thriving on it.  

I know I know, I can hear your excuses already… ‘but I can’t do that at home, I have kids, I have work, I have to party on the weekends’.  I understand where you are coming from, but there are also several ways that you can enhance your sleep quality very easily:

  • Make your bedroom pitch black so you cannot see you hand in front of your face (no AC lights, no alarm clock lights, nothing)
  • Put down your electronic devices at least 30-60 minutes before you retire to bed (computers, televisions, mobile phones)
  • Keep a journal or read a book before you go to sleep
  • Take a magnesium supplement in the evening before bed time

Good sleep represents emotional stability, appetite control, and enhanced energy levels just to name a few.

The moral to the story: When you train hard and frequently you need to recover well also.

  1. Nutrition is still #1 for fat loss

I have trained very hard and consistently over here, but I have also eaten a LOT of food.  This food has been primarily aimed at helping my body to recover from training, but also to let my hair down and enjoy my holiday.

My aim in Thailand is not to get as lean as possible.  If that was the case I would be a lot more stringent on my nutritional intake.

I often see people at home that increase their training volume and/or intensity without making nutritional modifications and expect the body fat to fall off.  By improving your quality of training, you will get fitter, you will get stronger but you will struggle to drop decent body fat levels if you don’t control what you put into your mouth.

Take home message: Eat for health and eat for nutrient value and  learn what works best for your body!!



  1. Identify what you are saying NO to every time you say YES.

This is a favourite saying of mine that has really struck home whilst I have been over here.

Everytime you say YES to something in life there will be several things that you will have to say NO to.  

For example:

  • When I say YES to training at 7am I am saying NO to a sleep in
  • When I say YES to great sticky rice with coconut milk I am saying NO to my abs 
  • When I say YES to checking my emails and doing a little bit of work to keep my businesses moving I am saying NO to some extra sun on the beach.  

What are you willing to say NO to to achieve the life that you have always wanted? 

Hope life is treating you well too.