We are surrounded by bad food every day. It is so easy to make an excuse and give yourself a little treat.

  • You DESERVE it because you went to the gym this morning 
  • It is your co-workers birthday so you HAVE to have some cake
  • You are going out to dinner so you HAVE to eat what’s on the menu

Now don’t get me wrong,  I go out to dinner and I love eating after I train ( I am not a food saint), but I don’t use external excuses.  

  • If I want to have some PIZZA it is my choice,
  • If I want to have some INDIAN it is my choice
  • If I don’t have food ready and I have to get something on the fly it is my choice.

Food is so powerful and influential.  It has the ability make us:

  • muscly or fat,
  • energetic or tired,
  • healthy or sick

Food is information for the body.  If you put rubbish in you will get a rubbish result.

I hope these pictures below resonate with you and keep you motivated to eat tasty, nutritious and natural foods.




Junk Food