I am living the life I want to live!!!

The past 3 weeks have been amazing and it has been a great opportunity to recharge my batteries and expand my training horizons. 

I believe that in the health and fitness industry you never even go close to knowing everything, so it has definitely given me an opportunity for some amazing professional development as well as a chance to collaborate and systemise my training and nutrition styles for myself and my clients. 

I have continued on from last week and put together the ‘The Top 5 from week #3 in Thailand.

  1. Competition yields superior results – take the stairs

The hotel that Casey and myself are staying at is on level 4. There are 48 stairs from the bottom to the top and we have challenged each other to not get the lift for the entire time we are here.

Casey has even gone to the extreme of keeping a daily log of how many sets of stairs we each do.

Now let me tell you that after 2 intense training sessions during the day I often do not want to walk up those stairs, but the challenge and accountability has meant that I have not cracked.  

I am averaging five trips per day up and down and I am two ahead of Casey so far 🙂


Challenge: Set a competition for the next 7 days with someone that is close to you. I don’t care what it is, just experience the thrill of competition and the effect that accountability has!!

  1. Create the right environment

You are capable of anything!!!  Yes absolutely anything!!!  Don’t sell yourself short. The question is; are you willing to do what it takes to succeed?

I think this is a very important topic and I have broken into two parts:

a. Get your head in the right place

‘Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t… you are always right’  – Enough said!!

b. Get involved in an environment that helps not hinders you

  • Surround yourself with people that have similar beliefs and are living the life that you want to live
  • Start training in groups or with a partner if you don’t have the willpower to do it by yourself.
  • Be accountable to someone who will not let you quit and use your usual excuses.

Take home point: If you truly want to change your life for the better you need to be proactive and make it happen.


  1. Change your utensils to get a different result

I will keep this simple…

  • If you eat too fast – Use chopsticks
  • Use a fork instead of a spoon to eat curries or other saucy foods to limit the damage
  • The size of your plate often determines the size of your meal
  1.  Train More Eat More (TMEM) and Train Less Eat Less (TLEL)

Too often I see these done the wrong way around.  

You will see this with New Years resolutions in a few days, people start a new training program after doing nothing for a while and at the same time they go on a starvation diet, OR even worse, people will stop training and start eating more crap food.

These are not long-term viable options for health and well-being!!

The more you train, the more food / fuel / energy your body needs to survive and perform at an optimal level.

  1. Simplify your life

Here is a quick summary about what I have learnt about my life…

  • Every year I seem make my life more hectic and busy,
  • I accumulate and add junk to my house that I rarely if ever use,
  • I often get caught saying ‘yes’ to doing things on my days off.

Being away has made me realise that a lot of these things do not necessarily represent happiness for me and they actually clog my brain and my life with unnecessary clutter.

Before you log into Facebook for the fifth time today, before you start a new project, before you do anything… 

Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Will this make me better at what I want to do?
  • Will this make me happier?
  • Will this enhance my life in some way?
  • Will this make me look f’*^&ing amazing when wearing this?


Bring on 2015